5 steps / 1 measure / Phonetic: 1 2 3 1 2

5 steps / 1 measure / Phonetic: 1 2 3 1 2

1st. step
Slightly bending the right knee, left foot is lifted 1st. to   4th. steps
forward and strikes with the heel on the floor.  The basic "zapateo" steps 
2nd. step .
Left foot returns to initial position and lands beside
the right foot with ball of the foot. 5th. step
3rd.  step Left foot crosses in front of right foot and stomps
Right foot is lifted and stomps with whole foot.  with whole foot.  
4th. step - - - - - - -
Same as 1st. step  
5th. step To initiate a new measure:   Starts from behind with the right
Left foot back to its initial position with whole foot foot and initiates steps.
The figure is completed by initiating the series of movements with the other foot. 

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