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Argentine Folkloric Dance


Of unknown origin, although it is believed to originate in the Province of Santiago del Estero,

spreading afterwards throughout the country.         

  It's a dance of lively rythm (allegro vivo) with a flattering pantomimic game.


Each dancer on its own and separately


Dancers facing each other at both extremes of the middle sector of the dancing square.


  Basic step  (starts with the left foot).   Arms and hands in castanet position.   Arms and hands

  in winnowing  and "zapateo" positions.


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6 or 8 measures


      Forward and Return     4 measures      
Rotation 4 measures
Full Turn 8 measures
"Zapateo" and Winnowing 8 measures

Full Turn

8 measures
"Zapateo" and Winnowing 8 measures


      Half Turn,  

4 measures

Rotation and coronation

4 measures


The second part is similar to the first.

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 All Chacareras can have 6 or  8 compasses ( introduction and full turns).

There is also the DOUBLE CHACARERA ,  with 16 more compasses than the Chacarera, and 

the Chacarera Trunca, which is either simple or double,  which differs from the others due to

 its musical composition.



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