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Argentine Folkloric Dance


  A  popular dance from the rural areas of the Province of Cordoba and all through the
northwest areas. Danced by all social standards.

It's a lively dance, with vivid rythms and trickery expressions.The couple describes a love
conspiracy, whereby the man elegantly and prudently persues the lady. 



Each dancer on its own and separately


Faced each other at both extremes and in the

middle sector of the dancing square.


Basic step with the left foot .  Arms and hands in castanet position.

Winnowing movements (to and from) and "zapateo" dancing


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Introduction 8 measures


Full Turn 8 measures
Rotation 4 measures
"Zapateo" and winnowing 8 measures

Half Turn

4 measures
"Zapateo" and winnowing 8 measures


Rotation and coronation

4 measures


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